Activities at the Vidyapeeth

Different activities are arranged on the ocassion of  Shri Vallabhachrya Prakatyotsav from 17th to 24th April. For details please click here.

For Daily activities at Vallabhacharyavidyapeeth:


Day/Time 10-11 11-12 12-01 02-03 03-04 04-06 08-09 09-10
Monday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit +Praveshika Sanskrit +Sodashgranth Shodashgranth
Tuesday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Shodashgranth Shodashgranth BhagvadGeeta
Wednesday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Shodashgranth Sarvaniryan Shri Bhagvat
Thursday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sarvaniryan Shodashgranth
Friday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Shodashgranth Shodashgranth(Teleconf) Prameyratnasangrah BhagvadGeeta
Saturday Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit +Praveshika Foundation Course(Teleconf) Prameyratnasangrah Shri Bhagvat
Sunday Sanskrit Pathshala Sanskrit Praveshika 04-06 Shodashgranth


At Shri Vallabhacharya Vidyapeeth subject experts of Sanskrit Sahitya Vyakaran, Nyayshastra, Yogshastra, Vedant etc would be available on permanent basis.

On various Sampradayik and Shastriya subjects scholars with special knowledge would be invited to conduct workshops.

Audio-Video conference and also live study of granths by Goswami Shri Shyammanoharji and other acharyas would be conducted regularly.

Classes for study of Sampradayik granths, School for children, Sanskrit Classes, Sankirtan will be held regularly.

Pravachan held at different parts of India also teaching sessions held regularly by pushtimargiya experts at their own centers would be live telecasted at the university.

Purnakalin residential students studying in Sanskrit medium will get facility to study to achieve government recognized certificate/degree courses.

Residential programs will be held on different sampradayik subjects on time to time basis.

Dharm-Sanskar programs for Non Resident Indian vaishnav students would be held in English on time to time basis.

Special facility with guidance would be given to research scholars.

Help would be provided to Digitalized own collection of Handwritten artifact granths

Current Activities:

Sanskrit Education Government recognized National Sanskrit Institution, associated with institute of distant education from Delhi, conducts Sanskrit classes everyday except Thursday 2:30 pm onwards.
Bhagwat Sunday 4 – 6
Varta vimarsh Friday – Saturday 4 – 6
Shastrarhprakaran Tueday 4 -6
Shodasgrath Wednesday-Thursday 4 – 6 (Thursday thorugh online conference)
Praveshika Monday-Tuesday 4 – 6, 9 – 10 (night time)
PushtiSwadhyay Friday-Saturday 7:45 – 9 (For children it is through online audio-video conference)
PushtiSwadhyay Wednesday – Thursday 8 – 9 (night time; for Pushtimarg advanced sanskrit Granths)